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Discover how to build & leverage your Coaching Brand to make more sales

Your brand is what people experience: how they experience you, how they perceive you, and what feelings you incite when they interact with you. To build a strong brand as a coach in the online space, you need to create touchpoints that chart a cohesive experience. The more you increase those touchpoints, the more you will raise the ‘know, like and trust factors of your business. I will teach you how to create these touchpoint on Social Media, Google Search, Email Marketing & Whatsapp.

“Your goal in building a brand is to create a magnetic space where people are drawn to you, and feel compelled to tell others about you.”


Learn how to package your Course with Clarity to attract 10x More Sales

The value of your coaching isn’t in the number of calls you offer or any other features. Instead, it’s about the transformation your clients get. Your clients care about the results you help them get. That’s what they pay for, not the time you spend supporting them. I will teach you how to have clarity on the value of the money your clients pay.


Get the roadmap to Develop A High-Converting Digital Sales Funnel

I will teach you the basics of designing and implementing a successful lead generation campaign on Social Media, website, and email, using three lead-gen tactics: organic lead gen posts, lead ads, and link click ads.

2 One On One Session With Elijah

On these 2 sessions

You will be able to go through your personal brand, clarity on your ideal buyer, and course sales strategy with Elijah where he will help you make a clear roadmap to sell your course and increase your sales 10X.


Social Media Scheduling Templates, 5 Social Media posts, Buyer Persona Template, Email Marketing Templates, Social Media Ads Guides


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